What Is a Tax Under the Tax Injunction Act?

Answer A “tax” under the Tax Injunction Act (28 USCA § 1342) is a charge imposed by a state or local government to raise general revenue, pay for the costs of regulation, or to pay for governmental b... Read More »

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What does"seek injunction"mean?

To seek an injunction means to approach a judge or court in order to get a document that prohibits a person from doing something undesirable or orders a person to do something desirable. In some st... Read More »

What Does the Word Injunction Mean?

Injunction, a noun, can refer to any order from an authority to stop committing an offense. It is defined by the United States courts as "a court order preventing one or more named parties from tak... Read More »

How to File an Injunction in Texas?

In Texas, an injunction is referred to as an "extraordinary remedy." The details surrounding filing a petition for injunctive relief can be found in the Texas Code under Civil Practice and Remedies... Read More »

How to File an Injunction in Florida?

An injunction is a court order requiring another party to cease a course of action or to undertake a certain course of action. Temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions are types of ... Read More »