What is an inherited IRA?

Answer An inherited IRA is an individual retirement account that a beneficiary receives after the death of the original owner of the investment, reports Investopedia. The beneficiary may be the decedent's... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between Inherited and Non-Inherited Traits?

Traits are physical characteristics that can be displayed by animals (including human beings) and some plants. Inherited traits are passed down genetically from one generation to the next, while no... Read More »

Can colic be inherited?

While equine colic, which refers to any severe abdominal pain, is not inheritable, a predisposition to it may be. Research conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture has noted certain colic c... Read More »

How is adrenoleukodystrophy inherited?

Can asthma be inherited?

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, asthma, or a tendency to develop allergies that trigger or exacerbate asthma, can be inherited. If asthma runs in your family, avoid exposu... Read More »