What is an inhalant solution?

Answer An inhalant solution is medication inhaled into lungs with a device such as an inhaler or nebulizer. Inhalant solutions reduce inflammation in lung tissues of people with breathing disorders such a... Read More »

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Where can you go for help for inhalant addiction?

When a person is addicted to "huffing" (purposefully inhaling chemical vapors to become high), he will often turn to common household products as the substance that delivers the best trip. Treatmen... Read More »

Canine Inhalant Allergy?

The most common type of allergy in dogs is canine inhalant allergies. This is a reaction to substances in the environment that produce an immune system reaction when the dog breathes them in. This ... Read More »

Is ammonia inhalant an amyl nitrate?

Ammonia inhalants, commonly known as "smelling salts," contain ammonia. They do not contain amyl nitrite. Amyl nitrite is a specific chemical compound used in medical applications or as an illicit ... Read More »

Why sodium hydroxide solution is better for cleaning ovens than ammonia solution?