What is an infinite loop?

Answer A non terminating infinite loop is usually considered an error.However there are some applications which are infinite loops on purpose. The are usually servers for event driven applications. Consid... Read More »

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How to Make the Shortest Code for an Infinite Loop?

When learning to program, infinite loops tend to be discouraged and unnecessary. However, there can be instances when using an infinite loop in a program is useful. In almost every programming lang... Read More »

If you were a Jumbo Jet pilot on your last day at work, would you do a loop the loop for a laugh?

hahahahahaha That just made me laugh proper have a star!!!And yes id probably consider it then think of the prison sentence i'd get!!!

How to Do a "Loop the Loop" Trick with a Power Kite?

Here's how to impress people with your power kiting skills.

What is an infinite dilution?

The concept of infinite dilution in chemistry is used to study how substances are dissolved in solvents. Infinite dilution is an extrapolation method that tests a solution's properties to see if th... Read More »