What is an infinite dilution?

Answer The concept of infinite dilution in chemistry is used to study how substances are dissolved in solvents. Infinite dilution is an extrapolation method that tests a solution's properties to see if th... Read More »

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What does"dilution of shares"mean?

Dilution of shares occurs when a company or corporation issues additional common shares, thereby reducing the value of the shares currently owned. The term also applies to any event that reduces th... Read More »

How do I calculate dilution factor?

Measure Aliquot VolumeMeasure the amount of the concentrated solution---also known as the aliquot---you are using to make the dilution. Do this by pouring the aliquot into a graduated cylinder or b... Read More »

How do I Use Essential Oils With Low Dilution?

Diluting essential oils involves mixing an oil with the beneficial qualities that you want with a carrier oil to reduce the strength of the oils. Essential oils are highly potent, and low dilutions... Read More »

What is dilution in the stock market?

Dilution refers to the reduction in a shareholder's proportionate ownership in a company due to certain corporate actions. Usually, dilution is due to a company's issuance of new stock shares.Purpo... Read More »