What is an individual retirement plan?

Answer An individual retirement plan is a personalized financial blueprint designed to help you fund your own retirement. It is usually put together by a certified financial planner, but can be designed b... Read More »

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If someone has been denied on an individual plan can he or she still get coverage in a group plan?

The Distribution of Individual Retirement Accounts?

Individual retirement accounts are special investment accounts permitted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to help taxpayers save for retirement. These accounts are given special tax benefits: ... Read More »

What is an individual learning plan?

Students in schools today are entering the classroom with a wide variety of interests, strengths, skills and motivators. It is becoming more difficult for educators to reach students with the trad... Read More »

When did individual retirement accounts begin?

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, began in 1974 when the United States Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Congress int... Read More »