What is an individual retirement plan?

Answer An individual retirement plan is a personalized financial blueprint designed to help you fund your own retirement. It is usually put together by a certified financial planner, but can be designed b... Read More »

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If someone has been denied on an individual plan can he or she still get coverage in a group plan?

When were individual retirement accounts invented?

Congress introduced IRAs in 1974 through the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Originally, only workers not covered by an employment-based pension plan were eligible but the 1981 Eco... Read More »

When did the individual retirement account start?

Individual retirement accounts, also known as IRAs, were passed into law in 1974 when the Employee Retirement Income Security Act was approved. IRAs provide a tax-advantaged account for people to s... Read More »

When did individual retirement accounts begin?

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, began in 1974 when the United States Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Congress int... Read More »