What is an indiglo digital thermostat?

Answer A product that uses Indiglo's patented "night-light" display, the Indigo digital thermostat is a feature of the Climate Technology Corp.'s programmable thermostat.AppearanceThe Indiglo digital ther... Read More »

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How to Install a Digital Thermostat?

Many older homes have outdated thermostats in which you turn a knob to set it to the desired temperature. These old thermostats can be inefficient and cause heating and cooling bills to rise. Upgra... Read More »

How hard is it to install a digital thermostat?

On One Hand: Usually, Fairly SimpleAccording to the Department of Energy's EnergyStar, the average programmable thermostat has 2 to 10 wires that need to be connected to it, most of which come from... Read More »

How to Change the Battery on a Totaline Digital Thermostat?

Totaline manufactures battery-powered digital thermostats as well as wired battery backup models. You change the batteries in any Totaline digital thermostat as soon as you see a low battery alert ... Read More »

How long does the heat stay on for a digital thermostat?

Whoever sets the digital thermostat determines how long the heat stays on. The user can either manually turn the heat on and off or program a daily routine that governs when the heat turns on and o... Read More »