What is a direct care giver?

Answer It is important to understand the role of a direct caregiver before seeking one out or looking for a position as one.DefinitionAccording to, "Caregivers are people who take care of ... Read More »

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What Do You Think of the Term "Life Giver" for a First Parent?

Why the hell should mothers who actually give birth be given any other title than M.O.T.H.E.R? Why is this such a big issue for people??? There is the mother Nature intended a child to have and t... Read More »

What indian group fought france in the french&indian war?

There is no one group of Native Americans that fought with the British during the French and Indian War. Native Americans fought on both sides and changed allegiances. The name "French and Indian W... Read More »

Indian sweets, where can I buy those colourful tiny Indian sweets you get in the Indian restaurants.?

You should have asked your sister to get some when she went to india.

How to Be a Giver?

All living things give in order to live. Consider, that giving is also essential for living things to thrive. To thrive is to live well or to live abundantly.