What is an indian girl called?

Answer Preferably you call her by name. Our you call her "Miss." Or "young lady," will do.

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What is a red Indian woman called?

Female Native American, red Indians are referred to as squaws. The word squaw is derived from traditional native language and means, the totality of a woman. Squaw Sachem means female chief in nati... Read More »

What are Indian shoes called?

Traditional Indian shoes are called moccasins. Moccasins are a slipper-type shoe and are traditionally made from sewn pieces of tanned leather. Moccasins were the only piece of clothing that was ... Read More »

What are Indian ovens called?

You are asking about the electrical portion of the hook up right ! Then the answer is yes. You will have to determine if the hookup is 12o VAC or 220 VAC , 60 Cycle. That goes for the electric drye... Read More »

Indian sweets what are they called?

Without a doubt the Indian sweet you have had & liked so much is a ladoo. Yes there are any number of different types;size,colour & flavouring can vary & with it the taste & predominant flavour.Sin... Read More »