What is an index of a person's weight in relation to height called?

Answer The BMI, or body mass index, is a calculation used to relate the height and weight of an individual to hid body fat. The higher the BMI ratio for an individual, the more likely she is to be overwei... Read More »

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Price Weight Index vs. Value Weight Index?

Price-weight and value-weight indices are two ways to value a collection of related companies. The computation of index prices and movements are quite different for the two types of indices.

What Is a Normal Body Weight Index?

With growing obesity rates and trendy diets that do not always teach healthy habits, more and more focus has been put on achieving a healthy weight and body image for each person. The Body Weight I... Read More »

How to Make a 3X5 Index Card Tower Using 20 Index Cards?

Index card tower building is an assignment given by teachers to students to help them understand the basics of physics. The requirement of the assignment can be height, strength or stability from t... Read More »

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