What is an incentive bonus?

Answer An incentive bonus is offered by an employer to encourage employees to meet specific goals. It is usually paid in a lump sum after an employee accomplishes the agreed-upon tasks.Non-discretionary P... Read More »

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The Definition of an Incentive Bonus?

An incentive bonus is typically a reward that has some financial worth and is given to employees for performing a task at or beyond expectations. In the workplace, incentive bonuses can significant... Read More »

What is a incentive spirometer?

An incentive spirometer is used to give a patient visual feedback regarding the way he is breathing. This respiratory tool measures the productiveness of each inhalation, or the health of the lung... Read More »

Tax Incentive Programs?

Governments sometimes provide tax incentives for individuals and businesses to stimulate a certain type of behavior. By providing a financial incentive in the form of a tax credit or deduction, gov... Read More »

Incentive Trip Ideas?

Offering a big, attractive prize, such as an incentive trip, is a savvy way to motivate people to work harder, be more productive, and adjust their work strategies to be more effective. But in orde... Read More »