What is an incentive bonus?

Answer An incentive bonus is offered by an employer to encourage employees to meet specific goals. It is usually paid in a lump sum after an employee accomplishes the agreed-upon tasks.Non-discretionary P... Read More »

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The Definition of an Incentive Bonus?

An incentive bonus is typically a reward that has some financial worth and is given to employees for performing a task at or beyond expectations. In the workplace, incentive bonuses can significant... Read More »

What is a incentive spirometer?

An incentive spirometer is used to give a patient visual feedback regarding the way he is breathing. This respiratory tool measures the productiveness of each inhalation, or the health of the lung... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Employee Incentive Programs?

An increasing amount of companies are establishing employee incentive programs to help motivate their employees to perform better and more efficiently. Companies use many different forms of incenti... Read More »

What does an incentive spirometer measure?

An incentive spirometer measures how well the lungs are filled with each inhalation. This inspiratory volume is a combination of air flow (FEV1) and air volume (FEV6). The spirometer gives visual... Read More »