What is an implication of parenthood?

Answer Yes you can depending on what brand the fake tan is all of them should be safe, just make sure you read the bottle before applying

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Is a delayed parenthood a current trend in parenthood?

There is a theory that a man could carry a baby to term on top of his liver; but it would have to be implanted and medically we are very far away from that theory becoming a reality.

What Is the Implication of Consolidation in Accounting?

Consolidation accounting and reporting procedures help a company present the activities of its subsidiaries in a single set of financial reports. Consolidated financial statements present a more ac... Read More »

What is the implication of communication technology?

Since the 19th century, communication technology has changed the way people live and interact. First came the telegraph, then the telephone, radio and television. Since the 1990s, the Internet has ... Read More »

What are the Educational implication on sexual growth in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria?

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