What is an imbalance in eye pressure?

Answer Eye pressure, also referred to as intraocular pressure (IOP), is an important indicator of eye health. An IOP that is too high can damage the optic nerve, eventually leading to blindness.CausesAn i... Read More »

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What is electrolyte imbalance?

Body chemistry is a complex and intricate system that, while vital, is extremely sensitive. One important element of the body's internal chemistry is its electrolytes, which can fall out of their p... Read More »

What Can a Hormone Imbalance Cause?

Hormone imbalance can occur during menstrual cycles as well as during menopause. In addition, it may be due to birth control pills, hormone replacement, stress, poor nutrition and environmental tox... Read More »

What Is Stress Chemical Imbalance?

The "fight or flight" response hard-wired into our bodies as a survival instinct can turn against us when everyday stresses create a prolonged, unhealthy chemical imbalance.Fight or Flight Response... Read More »

What are the causes of electrolyte imbalance?

Electrolytes are positive and negatively charged chemicals in the body that regulate important bodily functions. When the exchange of these electrolyte ions is imbalanced, you can become sick.Funct... Read More »