What is an igloo?

Answer Where the eskimos and inuit people live.

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What color is an igloo?

Igloos are a traditional Inuit building structure made from blocks of snow, with translucent seal gut for windows. Igloos are the same color as packed snow: white, though they may appear blue in so... Read More »

What did Eskimos use for igloo windows?

Eskimos used clear, fresh water ice blocks or a piece of translucent animal intestine for windows in their igloos. The windows let in light, yet kept out the cold. Igloo windows made it possible fo... Read More »

What is the top center block of an igloo called?

The top center block of the igloo is called the "king" or "cap" block. It is the "king" not only because it is at the top, but also because it must support the weight of the other blocks that slan... Read More »

Who made the igloo?

Igloos (meaning "house" in the Inuit language) are traditional winter shelters built by the Inuit people, who live above the Arctic Circle in North America and Greenland. They are built predominant... Read More »