What is an honorary doctor of humane letters?

Answer Many universities recognize individuals with long records of achievements by awarding honorary degrees. Some institutions award an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters to individuals with extensive pr... Read More »

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What is a doctorate of humane letters?

In the United States, a doctorate of humane letters is usually an honorary degree in the humanities. It is conferred by a university on an individual it wishes to honor but who has not fulfilled th... Read More »

Does anyone know how to convert a Excel spreadsheet form all cap letters to proper letters?

If this was MS-Access, then a simple Query could handle this in a matter of seconds.But you will need to have a VBA coded Macro established to search through your worksheet and modify the cells to ... Read More »

What does honorary son mean?

A son is a blood relative. An honorary son is a boy that has been welcomed into a family and its thought of and treated like a real blood relative.

How to convert capital letters to small letters in MS excel?

Though you could use the LOWER function in a formula, that does not do much good when you wish to convert the text in a large number of cells on a spreadsheet to lowercase. A better approach is to... Read More »