What is an extemporaneous oral presentation?

Answer The goal of an extemporaneous speech---also known as an extemp---is to persuade or to educate. It is meant to be brief and to the point. Many consider these types of speeches to be impromptu, but t... Read More »

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What is an oral presentation?

An oral presentation is a verbal presentation or speech made to an audience often in a formal setting, such as in a classroom or public setting. Oral presentations are common in education.PurposeOr... Read More »

What Type of Rubrics Are Used to Evaluate an Oral Presentation?

Speech classes are typically designed to target multiple areas of the speech-giving process. For example, the teacher is not just looking to see that the student can write a proper speech, but also... Read More »

What Methods Would Be Used to Evaluate an Oral Presentation?

Oral presentations are part of my most school curricula; they come in all shapes and sizes and allow students to share all types of information. Evaluating an oral presentation is not difficult. A ... Read More »

How to Grade an Oral Presentation?

When grading oral presentations, you want to be as fair as possible to the students. Be sure that your students know what the directions are for the presentation and what you'll be grading it on. F... Read More »