What is an express card on laptop?

Answer The ExpressCard standard is for card-based peripherals for laptops. It was designed to replace the PCMCIA/CardBus standard, which some forms of ExpressCard superficially resemble.PurposeExpressCa... Read More »

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How do I install an RS-232 express card into a laptop?

Install DriversInsert the software CD included with the purchase of the RS232 express card into the laptops CD-RW drive. Click on the "Start" menu and choose the "Run" option. Type "D:\RC-613\Vista... Read More »

How to Activate an AirPort Express Card on a Mac Laptop?

The AirPort Express card on your Mac laptop is used to connect your laptop to an available Internet connection, and it can be configured in the Network settings of your laptop's System Preferences.... Read More »

Can a PCI Express 2.0 Graphics card work on a PCI Express 3.0 slot on a Z77 chipset motherboard?

Yes, all PCI Express slots are backwards compatible.

Can i install a PCI express 2.0 compatible graphic card into my PCI Express 1.0 slot?

provided that you are talking about a VERSION 1 pci express x16 slot? yes. they are backwards compatible