What is an expansion card?

Answer Computers are modular devices capable of accepting various different components which can upgrade performance or add new features. There are many types of expansion cards available for computers, b... Read More »

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Is a compact flash input/output expansion card the same as a sd memory card?

A CompactFlash, or CF, I/O card is not the same as a Secure Digital, or SD, memory card. CF cards are physically larger, requiring a different-shaped slot in a card reader or other device. An I/O c... Read More »

Define Expansion Card?

A computer is designed to operate quite effectively as a stand-alone device. However, users can add certain components to a PC to enhance its functionality. This is often done through the use of ex... Read More »

What is expansion memory card?

SD Card memory expansion.?

No! That's like downloading additional trunk space for your car!