What is an expander like?

Answer When you get it on, you will speak with a bit of a lisp, but that will vanish quickly as your tounge gets used to it. Also, it doesn't hurt too much, but there will be a certain amount of discomfort.

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Will I need a palatal expander?

From the way you describe it, you shouldn't need a palatal expander. My teeth had mild crowding (two front teeth were making a bit of a 'v' shape, and both lateral incisors were slightly behind the... Read More »

Extraction VS expander?

There are VERY few circumstances where extraction is the best option. Usually it is the 'simple' way out. Making the jaw wider is almost always the best solution!I dislike the word and theory of ... Read More »

Why would you need a rapid palatal expander?

When your jaw did not grow enough to provide enough room for your teeth, it makes more sense to expand the jaws to get the necessary room instead of pulling perfectly good teeth and causing facial ... Read More »

What to do when your palate expander falls out?

you glue it back dudeuse the non toxic ^^har di har har