What is an exhaust manifold?

Answer An exhaust manifold is a metal unit that collects exhaust gases from the engine. It is part of a network called the exhaust system.DescriptionThe exhaust manifold is usually designed as a network o... Read More »

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Intake Manifold Vs. Exhaust Manifold?

Engines require a lot of airflow in order to work efficiently. An engine's manifolds, both intake and exhaust, work to transfer air within the engine to increase its performance.

What Are the Functions of an Exhaust Manifold?

Although your engine's moving parts makes combustion possible, one of the most important simply sits there moving gases. The exhaust manifold (or "header" if made of separately welded tubes) moves ... Read More »

What Is an Exhaust Manifold Leak?

An exhaust manifold leak is not a critical problem with a car's exhaust, but can cause some issues. Generally speaking, a car should not have any exhaust manifold leaks for optimal performance.What... Read More »

What Is Between the Catalytic & Exhaust Manifold?

Catalytic converters, also called "cats," absorb exhaust heat, and should, ideally, be as close as possible to the exhaust manifold for emissions compliance. This placement varies by make and mode... Read More »