How to Measure Parallelism?

Answer Parallel lines are mathematically constructed lines that lie in the same plane in space, but do not intersect at any point. If parallel lines were of infinite length, they still would never interse... Read More »

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How can I get a free website example: NOT…?

Available now in USA, UK, France, Germany, and JapanMicrosoft Office Live Basics is the easy way to get started on the Web. If you have always wanted your own Web site, Office Live has just made it... Read More »

What is o2 an example of?

The symbol or formula 02 represents a diatomic molecule of the element oxygen. The symbol indicates that there are two molecules of oxygen that are sharing two electrons located in the outermost fi... Read More »

What is an example of family?

The possibilities are endless: a man, a woman and 2-4 kids two women and one child two men and two children a single mom and three children A single dad and three children two grandparents rai... Read More »

What is an example of a consumer?

There are many types of consumers. Consumers are people who purchase or consume various products on the market. They also pay for numerous services, such as haircuts. Though not all products are ph... Read More »