What is an example of innocence?

Answer a baby.a new born baby.

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I need to prove my INNOCENCE already?

If he does not believe you, do you feel its even necessary to find a way to clear up a blurred video?Sounds to me he is not worth all the trouble hes causing you. He should stick to watching amateu... Read More »

How to Defend Your Innocence?

Ever hear of that saying "Your reputation precedes you?" If you have a reputation for lying, here's how to let someone know you are telling the truth.

Who is the main character in The Age of Innocence?

The main character is Newland Archer- wealthy young lawyer who feels suffocated by the New York society. He falls in love with his wife's cousin.

Is childhood a period of innocence?

It is for many, absolutely. I watch my nieces and nephews discover the world, and look up into the sky, and see things for the first time, and it is amazing. They trust immediately, and give wholeh... Read More »