Is H2O an organic compound?

Answer No, H2O (water) is an inorganic compound. Organic compounds are ones in which carbon shares electrons with other atoms, forming covalent bonds. Water, however, contains no carbon. It contains hydro... Read More »

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Is methane ch4 an organic compound?

Methane, or CH4, is considered an organic compound because it contains carbon, explains Luke Smith, professor at Morgan Community College. One molecule of methane consists of one carbon atom and fo... Read More »

Is hydrogen sulfide an organic compound?

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is an inorganic compound. Organic compounds are readily identified by the presence of carbon atoms within the formula. Hydrogen sulfide does not contain a carbon atom and is ... Read More »

Is hydrogen chloride an organic compound?

Hydrogen chloride contains hydrogen and chlorine atoms, but no carbon atoms. Since all organic compounds must contain carbon atoms, according to Princeton University, hydrogen chloride is not an or... Read More »

Is benzene a volatile organic compound?

Benzene is a volatile compound, meaning it evaporates readily; it boils at 179.78 degrees Fahrenheit and has a high vapor pressure at room temperature. It's also considered an organic compound, mea... Read More »