What is an example of a sunk cost at home?

Answer In economics and financial jargon, a 'sunk cost' is money paid in the past that will not be affected by any future decisions. The price paid for a home is typically a sunk cost. Many homeowners fi... Read More »

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What is the best way to repair a concrete porch when half has sunk 3 inches with a crack dividing the two areas The home is 7 years old and the porch is 20 by 10 feet?

Hint Have same exact problem and didn't solve it yet - but, hopefully, on my way:) There's a technique called "concrete raising" - google it up. They drill small holes in concrete and pump some fil... Read More »

What is an example of a home insurance company?

What are 3 theories why the USS Maine sunk?

The Maine sunk because a large portion of her munitions stores (at least 5 tons) exploded. There's no real need for "theories"; that's pretty much an established fact. Where the theories come into... Read More »

Cost of Home Care vs. Cost of Nursing Home?

Long-term care costs money, often a lot of money. People have some options for long-term care these days, including home health care and nursing home care. When choosing between the two, cost is on... Read More »