What is an example of a sole proprietorship business?

Answer A sole proprietor business is a small enterprise with local operations. It can be a services business or a sales business. It is important to consider the benefits of being a sole proprietor before... Read More »

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What is a sole proprietorship business?

The Internal Revenue Service defines a sole proprietorship as an unincorporated business having one owner who's responsible for the business's affairs. Advantages enjoyed by a sole proprietorship i... Read More »

What Is a Sole Proprietorship of an Organization or Business?

One of the first decisions a person must make when starting a new business is how to structure the business. A sole proprietorship is one of several forms of ownership from which a person can choos... Read More »

Why is sole proprietorship a good business structure?

According to, the majority of small businesses began as sole proprietorships. A sole proprietorship appears as a good business structure because it affords the owner complete... Read More »

Where can General Liability Insurance be obtained for a Sole Proprietorship cleaning business?

AnswerThere are serveral markets for Janitorial. Try a local insurance broker in your area, Hartford, Safeco, and Allied, etc are good markets.