What is an evil plan to annoy your siblings?

Answer NO. but he has an older brother

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How to Annoy Your Siblings?

Let the wait be over! Use these tips to get rid of pests, big and small. It's like the best "bug" repellant there is!

How do you annoy your siblings?

ok these are some ideas: scream at random times tell them they are adopted play pranks on them poke them ignore them when they are talking to you follow them around eat their dessert try to ... Read More »

Does patricia bath plan to have siblings?

WHAT?! There's no need!! Tampons are for when you have your period ONLY! What on Earth would you need a tampon for if your pregnant?!

Your husband has medicare and a health plan from his employer which plan should be the primary plan?

Answer Where I work, the employer plan would be secondary and medicare would be primary. It might depend on how the company has it set up but I can't imagine any company today wanting to be the pri... Read More »