What is an eviction summons?

Answer An eviction summons is a notice that informs a tenant that an eviction hearing has been scheduled. A tenant may receive several other types of notices when facing eviction, but tenants should under... Read More »

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Does a summons&complaint for eviction go on your credit report?

Eviction in itself cannot be noted on your consumer credit reports, according to Experian. However, any resulting lawsuit or collection agency account due to unpaid rent can be reflected on your cr... Read More »

How to Write a Legal Response to a Summons Eviction?

Court papers are intimidating, particularly when they say you have to leave your home (a summons eviction). A landlord needs a legal reason(s) to make you leave your home and this reason(s) should ... Read More »

Does a summons& complaint for eviction go on your credit report in Michigan?

A summons and complaint associated with an eviction will not appear on your credit report if you live in Michigan or any other state, according to Experian. However, if your former landlord success... Read More »

Does a Summons & Complaint for Eviction Go on Your Credit Report in Michigan?

When a tenant does not pay rent in the state of Michigan, the landlord can seek an eviction through the court system. If the judgment is granted to the landlord, it can go on your credit report, bu... Read More »