What is an evergreen plant?

Answer Evergreen plants are those that do not lose their leaves in winter. They have leaves the whole year round. They are not deciduous.

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How to Dig to Plant Evergreen Trees?

Evergreen trees can be a welcome enhancement to your landscape, providing shade and privacy. Evergreen trees include trees with needles, such as fir and spruce, and some trees with leaves, such as ... Read More »

Chinese Evergreen Plant?

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) is a tropical evergreen that is commonly used as an indoor houseplant. It is easy to care for and will grow in a variety of conditions. Many people use Chinese Evergre... Read More »

Evergreen Plant Food?

Evergreens are some of the easiest landscaping trees to maintain. They provide beauty, shelter wildlife and grow unimpeded for many years. They need little care, including plant food, to prosper. T... Read More »

Is there an evergreen blueberry plant?

Yes. The evergreen blueberry (Vaccinium darrowii) is native to the southern United States, between Georgia and Texas. It is a small shrub which reaches a mature height of about 12 inches. It blooms... Read More »