What is an ethnographic study?

Answer An ethnographic study is designed to understand the social and cultural elements of a community, society or culture. Ethnographic study is the primary methodology used in cultural anthropology. Res... Read More »

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Ethnographic Study of Children?

Ethnographic studies are usually undertaken by academics at Ph.D. and postdoctoral levels. Ethnographies involve being a participant observer, and may also involve qualitative or unstructured inter... Read More »

What is an ethnographic analogy?

An ethnographic analogy is a means of understanding archaeological sites or artifacts and the subject's use through watching existing cultures use similar items. By observing an object similar to t... Read More »

Ethnographic Resources?

Ethnographic resources include objects, landscapes, biota and structures/sites that have cultural significance. They are resources that are integral to a people's identity or way of life, are essen... Read More »

Ethnographic Terms?

Ethnography comes from the Greek words "ethnos" (people) and "grapho" (to write). Ethnography is, in short, writing about people. It is associated with the scientific fields of anthropology and soc... Read More »