What is an essay header?

Answer An essay header is the information in the top inch of every page of a document. For an essay, it is appropriate to use either the Modern Languages Association (MLA) or American Psychological Associ... Read More »

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What is a USB header?

A USB header is a small bank of pins on the primary logic board of the computer. You can use a wire to connect USB ports internally to a USB header on the motherboard, allowing you to add additiona... Read More »

What Is the Header Panel in a Car?

The header panel in a car is located in the very front on the outside, just ahead of the hood. Also called a headlight-mounting panel, the part is where the grill and the headlights are attached. T... Read More »

What is the header for in carpentry?

Headers are the reinforced crosspieces above doorways and windows in residential or commercial buildings. The reason for the reinforced crosspieces above doorways and windows, is to support the wei... Read More »

What is an authentication header?

An authentication header is a security protocol with multiple functions such as providing data integrity, data origin authentication and replay protection, according to the IBM Web site. The authen... Read More »