How to Write an Epistolary Narrative?

Answer An epistolary narrative is a narrative inside a letter, serving the purpose of telling a story from the perspective of that character. It is a story that has not yet been told, and therefore it fil... Read More »

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How to Write a Novel Without Using National Novel Writing Month?

This particular month is hard to wait for. You know the strategy, and yet you have a little impatience with it, and want to actually write the book you want, with a little time.

What is a classic novel?

War and Peace - Lev 'Leo' Tolstoy Mr. Darcy Takes a WifeThe Pickwick Papers

What is the irony in the novel the old man and the sea?

The irony is that the tourists thought that the marlin santiago caught was actually a shark.

What is the length of a novel?

A novel can range in length from 25,000 words to 150,000 words. This would equal roughly 100 to 600 double-spaced typed pages. Most publishers prefer manuscripts to be in New Times Roman or Courier... Read More »