What's the funniest Epic Fail picture you know of?

Answer This isn't an epic fail, and it's not even that funny, but it makes me laugh, so whatever.……Me: Your argument isn... Read More »

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What is the epic of gilgamesh?

AnswerA poem and among the earth's earliest literary works portraying a mythological Sumerian King from about the 3rd millennium BCE filled with the stories of Spirits, monsters and gods.

What is the lyrics to the epic of gilgamesh?

When you will study Mahabharat you will understand Gilgamesh well-gframesch.__________________The Epic of Gilgamesh is written as poetry that was probably originally intended to be sung as court en... Read More »

What are the six traits of an epic hero?

What are the examples of an epic story?

Les Miserables, Dracula, and Robinson Crusoe. ___ It is the work itself, not the story, that is epic. An epic in literature is painted as it were on a vast canvas with larger than life heroes and ... Read More »