What is a milk enema ?

Answer It's a plague.

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What is enema treatment ?

it is used to cleanse Ur intestines. To use for a week or two but not more than that. Lest, it may become habit forming.Enema is used before general anesthesia for conducting major surgeries, , del... Read More »

First time using an enema, what should I know?

No need to be nervous about using an enema. I would have recommended a warm water enema from an enema bag but since you already have a Fleets saline enema, give it a try. Firstly would recommend... Read More »

Homemade enema HELP!?

Enemas need to be correctly or you can do a lot of damage to yourself. If you eat the right foods enemas are totally unnecessary.You probably need to improve your diet as you seem to have a consti... Read More »

How to Give an Enema?

An enema introduces liquids through a tube inserted into the bowel. Enemas are used to treat severe constipation and to introduce fluids in patients who can't receive them intravenously, as well as... Read More »