What is an encrypted disc?

Answer It is a mathematical scrambling of the discs contents so that it can only be read if the key to unscramble it is known. It is often used by the movie industry as a form of copy protection. However ... Read More »

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Why GSM has to be Encrypted?

encyption prevents unauthorized access to the data that is transferred, that is the speech, or sms and so on

Is SSL encrypted?

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is encrypted. SSL is a certificate that encrypts sensitive information when you are completing transactions online. Every SSL Certificate has authenticated information... Read More »

How to Use an Encrypted PDF?

When an author creates a PDF document containing sensitive or proprietary information, he'll most likely encrypt it so that unauthorized parties cannot view the contents. Encryption is the act of p... Read More »

How to Copy an Encrypted DVD?

Copying consists of ripping followed by burning. Copying an encrypted DVD is not illegal if you own the copyright. Since their inception DVDs have been encrypted with CSS and since with varying lev... Read More »