What is an employment specialist?

Answer Companies rely on human resources departments to locate, screen, interview and hire new employees to fill vacant posts or new positions. Employment specialists are the professionals responsible for... Read More »

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Diagnosis help. I keep get sent to specialist after specialist?

The first thing I would have called for was a brain MRI. I am assuming your health care provider would have also done this same thing and when you said you had a MRI I'm guessing it was of the brai... Read More »

Network specialist vs information security specialist both associates?

Hi rubyit's good news that you are getting to start in new field ,best of luck in advance for best future in it..i think Information security specialist is the good way to get in this field where y... Read More »

What Is a VAT Specialist?

Value added tax--usually known as VAT--is a common form of sales tax outside the United States. Companies are responsible for collecting VAT on most transactions and may be eligible for VAT refunds... Read More »

What is an administrative specialist?

Administrative specialists or assistants are professionals who perform clerical work in an office setting. Assistants may work in particular fields, such as law, banking or medicine.DutiesAdministr... Read More »