What is an employment interview?

Answer An employment interview is a meeting with one or more representatives of a company to determine if you have the experience, skills and ability to do a job. An interview also gives a prospective emp... Read More »

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Pre-Employment Interview Questions?

An important part of the hiring process is to make sure you ask cogent pre-employment interview questions. A set of good interview questions helps you to understand the candidate's background, and ... Read More »

Typical Employment Interview Questions?

Recruiting qualified applicants and selecting suitable candidates is vital to a company's growth and success. Recruitment processes vary according to employer, industry, job category and level, and... Read More »

How to Build Rapport During an Employment Interview?

Employment interviews can succeed or fail based on the behavior of those present. A nervous, edgy person may not show their true capabilities. By learning to build rapport during an employment inte... Read More »

How to Prepare for an Interview With an Employment Agency?

One of the resources many job seekers utilize in their search for employment is an employment agency. Employment agencies often offer greater opportunities for job seekers because they may represen... Read More »