What is an employer identification number?

Answer The federal government uses an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to identify a business entity. The Internal Revenue Service assigns the nine-digit EIN to businesses. If your business has emplo... Read More »

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What is the Air Force employer identification number?

According to the federal government, there are two different employer identification numbers used by the United States Air Force. The active-duty employer identification number is 849990000 and the... Read More »

How do I file for an employer identification number?

Apply OnlineUse the online application available on the IRS website (see Resources) to instantly receive your number. Fill in information about your business such as its legal name, type of busines... Read More »

How do i look up a state employer identification number?

W-2 SearchLook at your paycheck and search for the nine digit identification number next to the "State Identification" block. Typically, companies list this information on your paystub. You may als... Read More »

What site can I look up my employer's identification number for tax purposes?

it should be on your pay stub, if you can't find it you could call HR, they should be able to tell you.