What is an employee development plan?

Answer Hiring and retaining talent and hard working individuals is a challenge that many businesses face. One tool organizations use to ensure the happiness of their employees is an employee development p... Read More »

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Reasons for an Employee Development Plan?

Creating an employee development plan, often referred to as an individual development plan (IDP), can be the key factor in the success of your employee. A development plan will communicate the comp... Read More »

What is employee development?

Employee development adds to the personal growth of an employee. Employee training and growth builds on an employee's ability to successfully complete tasks on demand. The employee continues to lea... Read More »

Can an employer force an employee to drop group health insurance coverage because the employee is eligible for coverage through his spouse's plan?

Answer No. The employer cannot force you not to take the coverage. However, if you don't want you may have to sign a waiver.

What is strategic plan development?

Strategic plan development occurs when an organization wants to institute a new objective. The plan serves as the concept for how the objective will be met, and its development relates to the steps... Read More »