What is an employee background check?

Answer Due to an increased need for enhanced security measures, most employees routinely conduct an employee background check to screen a potential job applicant. A completed background check consists of ... Read More »

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How do I do a background check on a new employee?

Know Your Legal ObligationsPerform the background check prior to making a final decision on hiring the employee, preferably before hiring the employee or before the probationary period has ended. Y... Read More »

How to Do an Employee Criminal Background Check?

You cannot count on the applicant's word when hiring new employees. Every serious employer should conduct a criminal background check to minimize danger in their workplace. There are a few ways to ... Read More »

How long does it take for an employee background check?

An employee background check can take as little as one to three days or as much as four to seven days, if there are criminal records involved. Educational verification and court paperwork can also ... Read More »

Employee Background Check Policy?

Job candidates today have far more to worry about from background checks than their peers did decades ago. With the prevalence of the Internet, and particularly search-engine capability, employers ... Read More »