What is an emoticon?

Answer The word emoticon is derived from the words emotion and icon. An emoticon is a graphical representation of an emotion, usually a facial expression, created from keyboard letters, numbers and symbol... Read More »

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What is the meaning of emoticon?

Emoticons are small faces used to convey emotions or feelings in a textual situation. The word "emoticon" derives from a combination of "emotion" and "icon." Emoticons are most commonly used in ele... Read More »

What does the emoticon ?

What does the emoticon x mean?

The "X" is rarely used for an emoticon all by itself, but it can be paired with different characters to create emoticons that signify anger or love. It can also be used to convey a message meaning... Read More »

What does the emoticon :D mean?

The emoticon :D is simply another version of the smiley face. This emoticon literally means "big grin," which is a really happy face. The writer usually sends this emoticon to express happiness at ... Read More »