What is an embedded operating system?

Answer An embedded operating system (OS) is "embedded" in the electronic device. That is, they are not installed by the user and they are encoded in the hardware typically on a ROM (read only memory) chip... Read More »

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How to Install New Operating System Without Having to Reinstall Applications Installed on Previous Operating System?

It really becomes cumbersome and time taking when you want to format [to install a new operating system or want to reinstall the existing operating system] your operating system and you have to ins... Read More »

Network Operating Systems Vs. Embedded Operating Systems?

"Network" and "embedded" are two different types of operating systems (OS) used in business and industry. A network OS is used in business network infrastructures, allowing data and resources to be... Read More »

What Is an Embedded System AVR?

An embedded system AVR is a microcontroller from the AVR product line manufactured by Atmel and designed for use in a dedicated computer system that is embedded (or placed within) another device su... Read More »

Microcontroller & an Embedded System?

A microcontroller is the data processing "brain" of an embedded system. Microcontrollers require few external electronic components to operate making them ideal for small embedded systems. Atmel ... Read More »