What is an emancipated minor?

Answer Answer Someone that the court has declared capable of taking care of themselves financially and therefore can legally contract and make their own decisions.

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Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated?

No you are not. You are medically emancipated though which means you are allowed to make medical decisions regarding you and the baby.

Can a minor become emancipated in Ohio?

Ohio does not allow a minor to petition the court for emancipation. A minor is automatically emancipated if they marry or join the military, both of which require parental consent.

How does a pregnant minor get emancipated in Tennessee?

Answer The issue of pregnancy does not change the fact that the state does not have grounds nor procedures for the emancipation of a minor. The court does have the power to grant limited rights to... Read More »

Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated in the state of CA?

  Pregnancy and Emancipation RightsYou cannot get emancipated merely because you're pregnant. However, if you meet your state's requirements for emancipation, yes. As a general rule, you would be... Read More »