What is an email address book?

Answer An email address book is a database of names, email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers maintained for the purpose of composing and sending email to people over the Internet. Having an ... Read More »

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What to Do If My Email Is Sending Spam to My Address Book?

Many email users have experienced the following scenario: You log into your email account, only to find that every person in your address book has been "spammed" with cryptic email messages, often ... Read More »

How to Send an Email to All in the Address Book?

The "Address Book" is a program that stores all your contacts on your local hard drive. It is called "Windows Contacts" in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. If you need to send a mass ... Read More »

How do I print my email address book?

Connect your printer to your computer using a USB cable. Turn your printer on and load it with paper. Log in to your email account. Go to your contacts. Click the "Print" link. Select which contact... Read More »

How do i create an email address book?

Creating an Address BookEnter your email program. Most will have a button labeled "Contacts" (Yahoo!) or "Address Book" (Eudora) or have an icon like a Rolodex (Excite). Click that button and it wi... Read More »