What is an electronic whiteboard?

Answer An interactive electronic whiteboard is a whiteboard that connects to a computer and a digital projector. The whiteboard displays what is displayed on the computer screen. The user can access the p... Read More »

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What is in whiteboard marker ink?

Whiteboard markers are referred to as dry erase markers. The ink contains colored pigments along with a carrier substance such as water, alcohol or other solvent. Dry erase markers also contain an ... Read More »

What is an interactive whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards combine a large-screen viewing environment for computer data with the ability to move or change the data directly from the board instead of from the computer mouse.Definitio... Read More »

What is an online whiteboard?

Online whiteboards, which are free and easy to use, allow users to communicate visually to friends or coworkers, much like an actual whiteboard but in a virtual atmosphere. These whiteboards provid... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of an Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards, or "smart boards", are large display panels that can be used as a traditional whiteboard, image projector, or interactive computer projector. Interactive whiteboards are de... Read More »