What is an electronic whiteboard?

Answer An interactive electronic whiteboard is a whiteboard that connects to a computer and a digital projector. The whiteboard displays what is displayed on the computer screen. The user can access the p... Read More »

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How to Refinish a Whiteboard?

Whiteboards see increasingly common use in offices and schools. The ease with which people can use and reuse them has made presentations and teaching simpler. Constant use can stain a whiteboard, a... Read More »

ESL Whiteboard Games?

English as a Second Language (ESL) whiteboard games can be used to practice a wide variety of language lessons. They are particularly useful as warm-ups, short games at the start of lessons; cooler... Read More »

How to Use PowerPoint As a Whiteboard?

You can use a PowerPoint presentation as a white board when it is plugged into a full-screen projector. Instead of using a pen to write with, however, you type the information out on a screen as yo... Read More »

How to Get Your Own Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards, more commonly known as SMART boards, emerged on the scene in the early 1990s. Using specially designed pens, teachers and technologically savvy individuals can present info... Read More »