What is an electronic unit that measures tilt and motion?

Answer That would be an Accelerometer.

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What is the name of the tool that measures force?

If you require a tool to measure force, you need what is known as a dynamometer. This type of tool can measure the force and power or inertia in automotive applications, as well as in other fields ... Read More »

What size HD LCD TV screen is best for a room that measures 12 by 12?

40 inch LCD HDTV is best for you but only TV is insufficient for proper entertainment.

What is the name of the instrument that measures wind speed?

The instrument that measures wind speed is an anemometer. Anemometers also measure wind direction. These instruments contain propellers that are turned by the wind and a tail that indicates the dir... Read More »

What is the device called that measures blood pressure?

The instrument that measures your blood pressure is called a sphygmomanometer. Although this is a mouthful to pronounce, this instrument gives health care professionals important information about ... Read More »