What is an electronic portfolio?

Answer In the broadest sense, an electronic portfolio, or ePortfolio, is an aggregation of digital data--images, text documents, videos and presentations--curated by a user.HistoryTech-savvy professionals... Read More »

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What is a web portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of documents that outline job experience---portfolios for different fields focus on different types of documents and experience. Traditional portfolios are often printed... Read More »

What is a PDF portfolio?

A PDF portfolio is a set of files of different formats "assembled into an integrated PDF unit," as Adobe describes it. Files in the portfolio are displayed in a stylish and informative presentation... Read More »

What is in a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of samples of your work and documentation that proves your accomplishments. Depending on your education, talent and career goals, this can include a cover letter or stat... Read More »

What is an e portfolio?

Electronic portfolios, or e portfolios, replaced traditional binders as a way for some people to share projects, assignments and other accomplishments. They're used by students as well as teachers ... Read More »