What is the amu of an electron?

Answer Atoms are made up of very small particles called protons, neutrons and electrons. The mass of these tiny particles is measured in units called atomic mass units, or amus. An amu weighs about 1.6605... Read More »

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How big is an electron microscope?

A typical scanning electron microscope covers a footprint of several square feet. The microscope itself--column, specimen chamber, secondary electron detector and liquid nitrogen dewar--is a few fe... Read More »

What are the codes for electron tv?

I have a electron tv. I bought yesterday a record enregister videotron but it is not compatible. There is no code. What can I do?

How small is an electron?

Richard Zimmerman, author of the book, “An Amateur’s Guide to Particle Physics: A Primer for the Layperson,” says the size of an electron is indeterminate, in part because it can transform it... Read More »

Who was the first to discover the electron?

J.J. Thomson is credited with discovering the electron in the 1890s. Using cathode ray tubes, he showed the existence of a particle that always had the same charge-to-mass ratio. Thomson's discover... Read More »