Is water an electrolyte?

Answer Water as a beverage is not an electrolyte and does not contain electrolytes, though water in the body contains these nutrients that are lost through urine, sweat and feces. Electrolytes are dissolv... Read More »

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Is tap water an electrolyte?

Tap water is not an electrolyte, although it may contain them. Electrolytes conduct electricity within the body. They keep your fluid levels in check, balance blood pH and help your muscles work co... Read More »

What is electrolyte imbalance?

Body chemistry is a complex and intricate system that, while vital, is extremely sensitive. One important element of the body's internal chemistry is its electrolytes, which can fall out of their p... Read More »

What are the causes of electrolyte imbalance?

Electrolytes are positive and negatively charged chemicals in the body that regulate important bodily functions. When the exchange of these electrolyte ions is imbalanced, you can become sick.Funct... Read More »

Water & Electrolyte Imbalance?

The human body is composed of up to 60 percent water. Our bodies need adequate fluid and electrolyte levels to regulate body functions. Physical activity, medications, illnesses and environmental f... Read More »