What is an electric wind instrument?

Answer The electric wind instrument puts a synthesizer into the body of a musical instrument that mimics the feel of a soprano saxophone. It has a much wider tonal and pitch range than a regular saxophone... Read More »

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What instrument measures the speed of wind?

The instrument most commonly used for measuring the speed of wind is called an anemometer. There are variety of different types anemometers.The Cup AnemometerThe most basic anemometer consists of a... Read More »

What is an instrument used to measure wind speed?

An anemometer is an instrument used to measure wind speed. An anemometer is important because "you have to know how fast the wind is blowing before you can harness wind power," according to the Ene... Read More »

What instrument is used for measuring wind direction?

The anemometer is the device that's commonly used to measure the direction from which the wind blows. In addition, the anemometer can measure the speed at which the wind travels.Source:Weather Shac... Read More »

What is the name of the instrument used to measure wind?

The primary instrument that is used to measure wind speed is called an anemometer. The cups on an anemometer catch the wind while spinning around at various speeds in relation to the wind strength.... Read More »