What is an electric supercharger?

Answer Electric superchargers have been around nearly as long as the internal combustion engine itself, and some are surprisingly effective. However, most homemade or "budget" units do little or nothing f... Read More »

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When should i turn on my electric supercharger?

On One Hand: Go by BoostUnlike a traditional supercharger or turbo, an electric supercharger can run independently on engine RPM. This fact alone means that it can build to full boost, right off of... Read More »

What is a supercharger?

Engine power is limited by two factors. One is the amount of fuel that can reach the cylinder. The other is the amount of oxygen, in the form of air. Superchargers increase the amount of air in the... Read More »

How to Tell If Your Supercharger Is Bad?

A supercharger helps force air through a vehicle's engine. The more air that goes through, the more efficient the engine. Yet if the vehicle is lagging when accelerating, getting less gas millage o... Read More »

How to Select a Supercharger?

Superchargers create horsepower by increasing the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. More fuel-air mixture means more horsepower. The supercharger runs off the engine's main belt and takes... Read More »